BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)Malaya..
I'm very grateful to be part of Dental UM.
Thank God,I have passed the First Professional Examination.
My batch is the first batch in new Act.(Akta 2010.)
A bit new things are introduced...Distinctly,examination..
For your information, BDS Malaya is the most recognized degree among others.
The oldest dental school in Malaysia which recognized by GDC.
I'm here just to let you know about our new examination format.
At first.we are really stressful with the new INTEGRATED system.
Can you imagine 4 subjects are compressed in our paper..
Not only that,it's more freaking challenging and scary to us because it covers the 
topics from Semester 1 and Semester 2 which is totally different from MBBS UM,
Now,i'm not trying to make comparison but just to tell you how our system works.
Wow.Final exam.Everyone's really petrified with this freaking thing.
But don't worry..The question that comes out is really unpredictable..
More questions  are from Semester 1.
Even lots of topics in Semester 2 not asked.

There are 4 Papers for First Professional Examination.
Paper 1 Multiple Choice Questions   (MCQ)    3 hours
Paper 2 Modified Essay Questions    (MEQ)    3 hours
Paper 3 Short Answer Questions      (SAQ)      2 1/2 hours
Paper 4 Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) 1 hour 35 min..

Exam just over...Our batch could make it possible to pass the First Professional Examination.All of us will move to Second Year next semester..Well done peeps...We all are awesome.

Now,it seems that there are about 2 months more for New Freshie to enroll..Don't be scared freshie.. Nothing to be petrified in our school...Once we know each others, we are already as one family..
Congrats for those who secured a place to pursue study in Dentistry at UM. Welcome to BDS Malaya.

dentalianz UM 2010/2011

Intervarsity 2010@ USM
Preconvo Sports

English Class

Visiting Lecturer = Prof.D.B.Ferguson