Thank God..I'm just back from Malacca for 4 days staying at Kampung Parit Penghulu,Sg.Rambai Melaka. This was in conjunction with the Oral Health Promotion programme and it was compulsory for all of my batch mates to attend this programme.We reached there at 12 noon on 8th May by bus.It was very hot and sweat-full days for me.The heat was so unbearable and forced everyone to seat under a fan.

As soon as briefing session ended, we were divided into many groups for foster family programme.I had been selected to stay and become foster family of Tok Penghulu,Wak Mim.We were 8 in persons. Then,we were brought by him to his house.It was quite nice home I had been.This was the real village house I had been in my life.

During lunch time,our Mama had served mouth-watery meals for us to eat.The foods were very delicious until each of us added more and more.We also had an interview with our Mama regarding dental survey during dinner time.She was very responsive to us and answered all the questions given by us.This made me missing my real mother at my home town.

The next day,May 9,Friday,my group had organised a programme at KEMAS kindergarten.14 pre-school children had joined our programme,It was not easy to handle these children but we had learnt lots in managing them throughout this programme.They really enjoyed activity conducted by us. Some of them were really responsive and others also scared with us.However,everything going well.These are some pictures taken during our programme.

Our foster family was very nice to us. They had lent us motorcycle to move somewhere.It was really helpful as our house was very far from our meeting centre.In the evening,we had golden opportunity to look at the sunset. The panorama in this village was very scenic.The paddy filed was very green.

Last but least,I would like to thank my foster family to accept us to be part of their family even only for 4 days.The experiences gained throughout these days will never be forgotten and be fresh in my mind forever.