One week left for me to revise on the topics of Semester Test 2.1.
Is it worth me?Only God knows the answer.
But,I must focus on what I'm doing.
To be smart person,we should practise SMART tips...
T-Time framed

Time framed is very import.We'll work on what has been scheduled.
It's crucial to obey the timetable prepared to ensure we are on the right track.

This week is the STUDY week..
Usually,It must be pleasure for us during this luxurious week..
HOwever,strongly to remind,I dun want to fail again in this Test...
So,what should I do?
Should I isolate myself in one space from other people?

Or maybe this's what people always think about?
Perhaps,we are excluded.

Absolutely,early preparation is the best answer to excel in exam...At eleventh hour,everything goes wrong. Clumsy,nervous,etc will become more extreme and we'll become tensed and easily think of giving up.
Be strong,Be wise,Be patient,,Be passionate...