As a student,everyone will easily become tensed with the massive burden given by lots of subject..
I'm one of them..As a dental student, life becomes so hectic.. How daring my life is,Only the God knows well.
My head always occupied with lots of thing to think,,to remember,,to respond as soon as possible..
Thank least You have created my body well-formed for the vital metabolism in my body.
It's really crucial to preserve myself from something that will bring my life miserable..
Now.let's look on our main structure of head...
The Skull....

Haha...his teeth still looks milky even shiny..What makes the skull as that structure? For your information,
skull is made up of cranium and facial bones..
The cranium consists of the following bones:

Meanwhile,the facial bones consist of the following bones:

Overall,we have 22 different bones on the skull.We must appreciate the precious gift given by the God to us.
As the end,let's us see controversial acronym to memorize the branches of external carotid artery..

Time and tide wait for no man..Now,,let;s focus on what we're doing and be committed in our field..